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To commemorate the Great War of 1914-1918, Mary Ross-Gower organised a display board that followed, month by month, the successes, the failures, the tragedies, the shortages and, sometimes, the humour of the people who lived through that time.  All the local lads who lost their lives fighting for their country were remembered in the month that they died.

This display board was greatly appreciated by visitors to Warminster’s Public Library (where the display was mounted) and as the 100 year commemoration came to an end, people asked Mary if she could consider a new long running display.  Mary gave the matter much thought and decided to follow the Great War with the story of what happened afterward and how events led to the outbreak of another World War.

The inter-war years were far from the peaceful and prosperous time that people had expected. As early as 1919 troops were on the streets of British cities in an effort to quell rioting.  As early as 1919, Hitler and Mussolini were mentioned in the newspapers.

The years 1919 to 1939 were very eventful.  The pace of development and invention increased.  New speed records, on land, sea, or in the air were set and sometimes within weeks they were broken, but these exciting improvements were put to deadly use as 1939 approached.

Mary’s display covers one year each month.  1919 was displayed in January, followed in February by the display for 1920.  Come and see these boards.  We are sure that you will be surprised by what was going on.